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Fifth Generation Computer Corp. (FGC) was founded in New York in 1984 to design and develop special purpose parallel processors used in pattern matching applications. FGC's designs are based on patents first assigned to Columbia University by the Defense Department and now assigned solely to the Company. In 1985, FGC entered into teaming agreements with AT&T to obtain a significant DARPA contract under the U. S. Defense Department's Strategic Computer Program to design and develop a Multiprocessor System based on FGC's novel and innovative parallel processors. The contract was awarded to AT&T and FGC, as its major subcontractor, in 1986 and proved to be very successful in demonstrating a unique parallel processing approach to real-time continuous speech recognition and other military applications. Over the following two years:

  • FGC  built the first prototype of a DSP-based massively parallel processor which led to a major deployment of these units in one of the first Automated Operator Assistance Systems to be implemented in the world.
  • Another version of this prototype, the AT&T BT-100, was deployed in hundred's of military installations around the world for use in applications requiring the power of Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) technology.

In 1998, FGC designed, built and delivered the FGC Speech Recognition Server (SRS), utilizing 42 off-the-shelf Intel Pentium boards, to its second Telephone industry customer, US West, as part of a jointly developed Automated Directory Assistance System (ADAS). For the next seven years, the FGC SRS System handled over 400 million requests without a system failure.

In 1999, a third patent was awarded to the Company for a Parallel Processor.

In 2003, the Company began to actively market its patents and related technology as part of a Licensing initiative.


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